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Responsibility for the here and now.

Death is an integral part of our life and should not be treated as a taboo subject. Through a series of public events, we wish to offer visitors the chance to engage with this subject and thus help them to consciously accept death as part of our existence. Once we have learned to accept this finality, our life is enhanced.

Below we show a selection of successful events. For dates of upcoming events, please go directly to our partner companies’ websites.


Freedom to remember – memorial trip to the North Sea with the MS Jan Cux 2
Reviving memories, speaking to fellow bereaved, saying farewell one more time: to these ends Schmädecke Bestattungen has chartered the MS Jan CUX 2 for a memorial trip to the North Sea. All relatives who chose a funeral at sea are welcome to join us. | Impressions...


Look who’s lying there! – Guided cemetery tours in Bremen and Hanover
Seeing the cemetery with different eyes – not just as a place of grief and silence, but also as a place for recalling happy moments. A guided cemetery tour, led by the “Hurrelberg Miner” alias actress Christine Renken, gives you a completely new perspective. Using an effective mix of cheerful anecdotes and solid facts, she imparts interesting and humorous information about the cemetery and its inhabitants to the participants. | Impressions...


Historical model ships – exhibition with opening in Berlin
The exhibition offers interesting insight into the history of one of the world’s oldest means of transportation. In addition to the astonishing technological development, it is also fascinating to learn about life on board, which for the crew often meant spending months at a time on the ship – under unbelievably cramped and extremely severe conditions. | Impressions...


First aid seminar in Laatzen
How do I apply a bandage? How should I treat a burn? What’s the emergency number? Learn new techniques and refresh your existing knowledge – it never hurts to be prepared. Puschmann Bestattungen’s one-day seminar provides a thorough introduction to first aid under the motto of “Take Responsibility.” | Impressions...


I’ve got my confidence back! – Safety driving training for seniors
There is hardly any other area of life where the challenges are increasing so quickly as on the road: cars are getting faster all the time; drivers are becoming ever more inconsiderate. This driving course for seniors offers a sense of security and restores pleasure in mobility.



Wills, living wills, durable power of attorney for healthcare – information evening in Hamburg and in Herzberg am Harz
Germany’s parliament recently approved new legislation on the subject of living wills. Nonetheless, there is still a great deal of uncertainty around this subject: what does a legally binding will look like? What decisions about the end of my life can I make now, in order to spare my family? What options are available? Clasen Bestattungen and Thomas Amm GmbH offer you the opportunity to explore these complex issues in an informal atmosphere.


Celebrating a makeover – inauguration of new offices in Düren
Following the renovation of its offices, Bestattungshaus Jean Haas is inviting guests to its grand reopening. The well-known and popular comedian Ingo Oschmann will present the evening’s entertainment. Jean Haas proves that undertakers too can be humorous and personable hosts – in keeping with the company’s cheerful, light-flooded offices. | Impressions...


Secrets of the Divine – cabaret in Nuremberg
A funeral home’s job is to support the bereaved in difficult times. However, as a neighbor and partner, undertakers also want to enjoy the more pleasant sides of life with their friends. That’s why Brand Bestattungen has engaged the cabaret artist, Lizzy Aumeier, who was awarded the AZ Star of the Year 2007 in the category of Entertainment. | Impressions...



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