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This funeral home with a long tradition was founded in Hanover in 1875. Our premises, which were completely renovated in 2006, now also offer our clients a private funeral hall so that the immediate family can take leave of their loved one. Apart from traditional funerals, Böhmecke Bestattungen can also arrange customized funerals such as themed funerals or funerals at sea. As an alternative to an individual grave with a headstone, the company has its own burial site at the New St. Nikolai Cemetery.


We offer our clients personal service. We take as much time as we need to answer any questions you have and advise you in detail. We make every effort to relieve you of as many errands and obligations as we can, so that you have the time and space to grieve in peace. This is why we offer such a broad portfolio of services – from dealing with time-consuming paperwork to the procurement of a professional funeral speaker.


We assist our clients in every way we can: That is why we are also by your side when family members need to organize the cross-border transfer of a deceased relative. We offer this service both for Germans who pass away while abroad and for deceased foreign nationals in Germany. As a reliable partner, we work closely with our international contacts and the competent consulates to handle all formalities, and we always strive to ensure that international customs and funeral rites are observed.


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