What we offer

What we offer

Taking leave personally

We believe that each person deserves a personal farewell. Every individual should be remembered as he or she lived. That’s why we take plenty of time for an in-depth consultation, so that we can find out your wishes and discuss all the details with you.

We see ourselves as service providers. In keeping with our corporate claim, our service goes far beyond merely arranging funerals. Our trained employees see themselves as your partner who will accompany you through these difficult times.


Each person deserves a personal farewell. Suitable music and flower arrangements play an important role here: music is an expression of the personality, while flowers lend the moment a special touch. From Mozart’s “Requiem” to “Stairway to Heaven,” and from red roses to white lilies – our individual arrangements are as varied as life itself. We will plan with you and can advise you on all questions relating to funerals.

International assistance

We are there for you anywhere in the world. Where required, we will organize the transfer of a deceased person from abroad to your country of residence, whereby we always strive to ensure that international customs and funeral rites are observed. We work closely with consulates and our international network; and the bereaved family can count on us for assistance and support at all times.


Religious rites

In difficult times, our faith supports both us and our families. As a faithful companion on this last journey, it gives us comfort and hope. Each religion takes leave in its own way. Whether a Muslim, Jewish or Chinese funeral – we will work with you to plan your individual ceremony in keeping with your traditions. 



Personal chauffeur service

Naturally, we want to make this difficult time of parting as pleasant for you as possible. On request we can arrange a personal chauffeur service for you and your family in our exclusive vehicles to the funeral, to the cemetery or to the funeral parlor.



Private Funeral Hall

Bright, with modern decor and, above all, with no pressure of time, private funeral halls are the right place for saying goodbye. Our funeral homes and partner companies are happy to fulfill any special requests you may have for the funeral. We will decorate in accordance with your wishes and take care of suitable music and flower arrangements, giving you the space you need.


Funeral speaker

On request, we can arrange a professional funeral speaker. In life, not everybody has a close connection with a church or a faith. Naturally, we respect the life decisions that each person has made and can offer you suitable means for performing the funeral. You can rely on our experience.




Nobody likes to think about it, but the worst can happen when one is away from home. In this event, we are at your side as a reliable partner. We will arrange for the deceased to be transferred home quickly, and will take care of the necessary formalities both in Germany and abroad.




Nobody knows better than we do that grief is paralyzing and exhausting, leaving no room for other matters – least of all paperwork. On request we can handle this for you. We know what needs to be done. By giving us a Power of Attorney, we can take care of all official formalities so that at least you have one less thing to worry about.


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